Plaoenta Hominis

The normal placenta of Homo Sapiens L, family Hominidae. Prepared by removing the amnion, umbilical cord and blood, and drying after cooked.

Placenta discoidal, 9-15 cm in diameter. Outer surface yellow-brown, one side wrinkled and protruding, the other side flat, with small blood vessels. Hard and brittle in texture, unpleasant in Sweet and salty in taste, warm in nature, and attributive to heart, lung and kidney channels.

I. Invigorate the kidney and supplement essence: For insufficiency of kidney-yang and kidney-essence manifested as sterility, impotence, emission, dizziness and tinnitus.

2. Invigorate vital energy and enrich blood: For insufficiency of vital energy and blood manifested as shortness of breath, fatigue; poor appetite, and galactoschesis; for the debilitated who are susceptable to common cold and skin infection.

3. Invigorate the lung and relieve cough: For lung-deficiency or deficiency of the lung, spleen and kidney with dyspneic cough.

Phamacological Action
1. Anti-inflammatory.

2. Exerting gonadotropic effect.

3. Promoting the growth of young animals.

4. Relieving the leukopenia induced by radiation or chemicals.

Pill or powder: l.5-2.0g bid or tid.

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