Caulis Spatholobi


The old vine of Spatholobus suberectus Dunn, family Leguminosae.

The old vine sturdy, terete or flat-columnar, 2-10 cm in diameter. Surface red-brown, with longitudinal and deep grooves. Prepared as oblong-oblique 3-08.jpg (8467 bytes)pieces, section showing an eccentric pith with two or more centers surrounded by semi-annular phloems and covered by dark-brown resin; xylem appearing reddish between the rings, vessel pores scattered. Sweet and harsh in taste, mild in nature, and attributive to liver channels

Enrich the blood and promote blood circulation, relax tendons and activate the meridians: For blood deficiency and blood stasis syndrome manifested as amenia, menalgia, menoxenia or soreness, numbness and immovability of extremities. Recently used for leukocytopenia caused by radiation or other factors

Pharmacological Action
1. Inhibiting the development of formaldehyde-induced arthritis in rats by 3-08-1.jpg (4132 bytes)gastric infusion of its decoction.

2. Intraperitoneal injection of its decoction exerts sedative and hypnotic effects on rats.

3. Intravenous injection for dogs can dilate coronary and femoral arteries, decrease peripheral resistance and increase the volume of blood flow.

4. Inhibiting the aggregation of thrombocytes induced by ADP or collagen.

Decoction: 9-30g.

Extract: 9-15g taken after dissolved.

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