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Thank you for visiting our pages. Here the following below lists the books we plan to translate into English based upon Chinese version or write by incorporating our available materials and experience. It is a huge project and we sincerely invite any suggestions and assistance whatever to support us and let us work together to bring many valuable ancient Chinese Tao-pursuing practice books into brightness, with the aim to enlighten people's wisdom and pursue mental health well being.

In the same time we invite native English-speaking authors or editors to join our project and publish the books together with us. For more information please contact Mr. Hu Xuezhi at hu@damo-qigong.net

1. The Way to Eternity: Tao Te Ching
(second version)
We have finished translating the book. Such translation differs very much from the first edition and many readers will feel surprised when they read it because the explanation alway touches something hidden in deep. The author cherished the idea from beginning to have this book continue to circulate for thousands of years after his death. From this direction, people can understand how he would spend his efforts upin it.

2. The Way to Eternity: Chuang Tzu
We have finished writing part of the book but a lot of correction work need to be done. Here we invite competent authors to join us to finish the work. Authors should have rich experience in Taoism theory and Tao-pursuing practice.

9 DVD Series: Making Body Supple
A very ancient arts incorporating meditation, martial arts,
hard-natured Kungfu and soft-natured kungfu. It has been kept for long in secrets for many many years within a very small circle and now people can learn to study this treasure to make the body healthy from inside and outside.

3 DVD series: Five-element Yin Yang Palm

7 DVD Series: Iron T-Shirts

NOTES: Here we sincerely invite competent native English-speaking authors or editors to join us and together write the books and publish them. Please feel free to contact us at hu@damo-qigong.net.

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Mr. Wang Tao
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