We give quality warranty to every book or article sold from Chinese Taoism Book Store. Customer can return the book and we will change a new one or refund the money as demanded by customer, if there are problems found with the quality of the book(s).

We will lose no time to post away the book(s) when we receive the money. Generally speaking, at the next day when we receive the money. We will use China standard international package material to post away every article. Please email us to tell the problem at once if any.

How to Pay

People can use credit card to order all related products.Our PayPal account is paypal@damo-qigong.net. Western Union or wire transfer are also welcome.


Until now, post office is needed to post every article, so, the money customer needs to pay have to include the postage. In China the postage is decided by two factors: where the article should be posted to and what weight the article is.
So, different article have different postage.
For every article we have to ask the post office to know how much the postage is and then we can tell the customer. When we post the article we have to buy stamp and stick them upon the package. People are easy to know what the postage is by such stamps.

People are welcome to contact Mr. Wan Tao for the details. Please feel free to contact us If people want to buy the articles we still don't have in the store and we will help you to meet your demand. It is convenient and the reply will be as quick as possible. In the meantime people are welcome to give us any advice, suggestion, in order to let us give the best service.


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