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Curcuma Root (郁金)
03-20-2011, 06:07 PM
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Curcuma Root (郁金)
Radix Curcumae

It is pungent and bitter in flavour, slightly cold in nature, acts on the heart, lung, liver and gallbladder channels. Being pungent for dispersing, bitter for purgating and slightly cold for clearing heat, the herb acts on the liver channel, promoting blood and Qi circulation and relieving pain, to treat various chest and abdominal pain caused by stagnancy of Qi and blood. Acting on the heart channel, it can clear away the heart-fire and cooling the blood, alleviating mental depression, thus it is used to treat bleeding due to blood-heat, and delirium in fibril diseases. Acting on the gallbladder channel, it has the effects of lacilitating bile excretion and curing jaundice, so it is used to cure jaundice due to dampness-heat.

Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations:
The tuberous roots are dug in autumn or winter. After removing the fibrous roots, the roots are cleaned, boiled, dried in the sun and cut into slices.

Promoting circulation of both blood and Qi, clearing the heart-fire and relieving depression, facilitating bile excretion and cutting jaundice.

1. For treatment of distending of stabbing pain in the chest and hypochondrium, it is usually used in combination with Radix Bupleuri, Rhizoma Cyperi, Radix Angelicae sinensis, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong, and other herbs to soothe the liver and Qi, and promote blood circulation to stop pain.

2. For treatment of jaundice due to damp-heat, it is usually used together with Herba Artemisiae Scopariae, Fructus Gaedeniae, Radix Isatidis, and other herbs having the effects of clearing away heat, promoting diuresis and curing jaundice; For treatment of chole lithiasis, it can be used in combination with Spora Lygodii, Herba Lysimachiae, Herba Artemisiae Scopariae, and other herbs with the effects of bacilitating bile and calculus excretion.

3. For treatment of exopathic heat syndrome, heat, invasion to the ying and blood divisions, high fever with vexation even delirium and coma, it is usually used in combination with Calculus Bovis, Cinnabaris, Rhizoma Coptidis, and other drugs with the function of clearing away heat and toxin, removing heat from the heart to resrscitate; For treatment of restlessness, manic-depressive psychosis caused by invasion of heat-phlegm to seven orifices, it is usually used together with Alumen, i.e. Bai Jin Wan.

Besides, it is used to treat various bleeding syndrome caused by blood-heat.

Dosage and Administration:

It is incompatible to Flos Caryophylli.
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