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Outline of the whole Taoist internal alchemy practice
03-20-2011, 10:58 PM
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Outline of the whole Taoist internal alchemy practice
Can you give an outline in reference to the whole Taoist internal alchemy practice? You know, there are so much theory and methods that people get confused. Many thanks!
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03-20-2011, 10:59 PM
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RE: Outline of the whole Taoist internal alchemy practice
Yes, it is my pleasure. For easy understanding in the terms most people familiar with they are:

1. transform Jing into Qi

2. transform Qi into Shen

3. transform Shen into voidness (or emptiness) and

4. transform voidness to become commune with Dao

In a word, the realm of desire was created in such sequence: --> 0 --> 1 --> 2 --> 3. For Taoist inner alchemy practice, its aim is to reverse the process to acchomplish 3 --> 2 --> 1 --> 0 -->
Notes: there is one thing before 0, which is difficult to describe using words.

Here I’d like to offer more stuff to enliven the “empty phrases.”

1. First step: discipline the mind, pacify the temperament, become more slow in response to both inside and outside affects, do gradual fasting (very important), eat fruit, gradually do away with worldly affairs. Yes, in the same time do precepts. So, many inner alchemy practitioners do farming work, plant vegetables, do daily chores till they forget how to do things yet all is done naturally.

2. Supplement the insufficiency. Due to the rampant operation by post-heaven ideas, passion and desires, Jing, Qi and Shen underwent degrading and degenerated to different extent. People experience illness mentally and physically. So, please do some exercise to further open the 12 main meridians, and eight extraordinary meridians, to set up a sound environment for Qi to arise, to have place to arise and to circulate---much like water to moisten the dry land. Some illness might be cured during this phase.

3. One-hundred-day laying foundation: cultivate, collect, refine and foster to harvest outside medicinal ingredients. People may encounter lots of difficulties when doing such sophisticated process because the medicinal substance is collected from outside but gained inside. Also, the two principal branches—Kan-lee school and voidness-and-nothingness school—may differ in their respective means in such operation. So, please pay attention. After such phase almost all formidable illness like diabetes, cancer, muscular sclerosis would be cured.

4. Cultivate internal medicinal substance. Please collect it before it arises, as opposed to the operation applied to external medicinal substance.

5. Do cessation of firing process to prepare the process called seven-day going through big pass.

6. Seven-day going through big pass: continue to have external medicinal substance and internal medicinal substance to mix and combine to give arise to elixir ingredients which finally settle down within Yellow Court. During this process, most practitioners would fall into so deep level of meditation that danger arises -- they cannot wake up by themselves and may drift away to die. So, companion is needed. At this stage, people may arise with lots of super power like heavenly eyes which can see lots of invisible things. People are capable to have direct contact with their soul. But, lot of danger in accompany. Become more careful!

7. Ten-month incubation: put Shen into elixir ingredients – the former being the mind, the latter the corporeality – to incubate the Sage Fetus. In Taoism terms it is also called "recreate a new set of heaven and earth."

8. Shift Sage Fetus upward to the Upper Dantian and continue to foster it till give rise to Sage Infant when time comes due

9. Three-year nurturing: release the Sage Infant, beckon back the Sage Infant, nurture the sage infant. Practitioners should continue to do the deep level of meditation.

10. Nine-year facing stone wall: take back the well-grown sage infant and continue to meditate till more and more transformation bodies arise and all corporeal body change into brilliant light, all voidness is broken into pieces and disappear and unlimited transformation bodies fill up both all being and nobeing and beyond, without any exception.
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