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Qi refuses to go running along microcosmic orbit
03-20-2011, 05:34 PM
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Qi refuses to go running along microcosmic orbit
I often do meditation and run microcosmic orbit circulation as directed by many honorable masters. That is, inhaling moving it up the spine along the back and then exhalation moving it down in front of the body along the frontal elixir fields. But recently I felt a very hot wave of energy going upward along my right side on the back. I felt headache frequently. Sometimes I felt anxious or even annoying with such feeling and asked myself why it did not run along Du meridian and Ren meridian (they two make up the microcosmic orbit. Can you give me an answer (or solution if possible)?
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03-20-2011, 05:37 PM
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RE: Qi refuses to go running along microcosmic orbit
This is a very common phenomena with people who do meditation or some kinds of Qigong that have various movements. Yes, I mean such kind of thing often happen at the earlier stage of the practice and very common with practitioners. As such stage as concerned, in Taoist alchemy practice it is termed as Laying Foundation process.

For most people the main twelve meridians remain unobstructed. So, the Qi often runs along these meridians in their style: as time clocks on, it arrives at the certain location or vessels. But besides the main twelve meridians there have eight extraordinary meridians which often remain obstructed. In ancient Qinese medical book Discourse upon Eight Extraordinary Meridians it carries the following words like this:

"If we liken the main meridians to channels or rivers, we should liken eight extraordinary meridians to lakes or resevoir. "

Form these words you can well understand the importance of the eight extraordinary meridians. No opening-up of eight extraordinary meridians it means you cannot gain practical progress in the meditation or any Qigong practice.

But to tell the truth, it is really not an easy task to open up the eight extraordinary because they get accustomed to the obstructed state and even to crack a seam is not easy.. Therefore, after long time to foster Qi and deploy the intention to run the microcosmic orbit the Qi still keep spreading across the body (mainly along the main meridians) and it cannot accumulate enough force to “invade” the domain where the eight extraordinary meridians prevail. Here we borrow some words from Understanding the Reality (悟真篇) by Zhang Bo Duan:

Swallowing saliva and doing breathing exercise are human actions;
Only when you have the elixir can evolution occur.
If there is no true seed in the crucible,
That is like taking water and fire and boiling an empty pot.

Therefore, even the intention is placed there to do circulation of Qi the effect cannot become more like a farmer tilling his land on the surface. Where is the opportunity for him to have his plough reach far deep into every part of the earth? Perhaps you feel hot, itching, crisp with body but it is only the circulation of post-heaven Qi at superfacial level!

In fact, to open up the eight extraordinary meridians is the pivotal part of Laying Foundation process. We often hear people talking about transform Jig into Qi. But when there arises the Qi where the Qi can go along, given the fact that the twelve main meridians are the places that can only accommodate the post-heaven Qi (at certain circumstances)? No pre-heaven Qi cultivation how to talk about the advancement of taoist alchemy practice? Therefore, all inner alchemy practitioners have to master the skills to open up the eight extraordinary meridians at beginning.

Here we offer some briefing on this subject: first it is to use intent to go through the eight extraordinary meridians; second to use Qi to go through the eight extraordinary meridians; thirdly to use Jing to go through the eight extraordinary meridians. For the three phases, each plays different role.

Later on we may write an article to depict the details. It is not a short story. Hope my answer can satisfy you.
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