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Qigong Practice First Step: Body Purification
03-20-2011, 05:24 PM
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Qigong Practice First Step: Body Purification
Collecting Qi indicates the action to bring into body a variety of energy and information flow from heaven, earth, space, sun, moon, stars and all things. It is one way to inspire their own inner potential, make up their own lack of primeval Qi, speed up the harmonization between Heaven and Man. Different from the Qi deriving from food, the prevailing Qi in universe serves as the vital source for human body energy supply. Therefore, it is essential to learn to draw extensively on prevailing universal Qi, in order to have an inexhaustible energy supplementing the body, to make up the energy consumption.

The mechanism of Qi collection is, by drilling practitioners’ mind-will, to make the body pore and points automatically open, so that its closed system can open up. By such means the ability the body to absorb all kinds of energy and information flow can be enhanced, thus facilitating the body's energy flow, information exchange, the energy purification of the body as well as the possession of high-energy energy flow. This is effect what we aspire for stimulating the body potentials and presentation of special power.

1. the preparatory posture - body purification

(1) Standing, sitting in a chair or lying in bed can be. Generally take standing posture, feet separated shoulder width, feet spreading slightly into the shape of fan, knee peg-leg, arms drooping naturally on both sides of the body, the body upright, Huiyin and Baihui form a straight line, lower jaw slightly draw in, tongue arrives on the palate, lips closed, look front, smile, natural breathing, eliminate distracting thoughts.

(2) Envision yourself be in beautiful mountain with fascinating landscape, imagine the body become infinitely large, the body stretches to the sky, into interstellar infinite, leaving the Milky Way far behind; while in the same time image the legs stretches through the earth center. Then surrounded by a white mist at the foot the body is left alone with wandering fog. At this time it is as though I was the only person besides the sun, moon and stars and the brilliance. My body filled the entire space, imagine the body do without the skin, joints do not exist any more. Then imagine the Qi arising from the parietal, and begin to commune with cosmic energy flow from the sun. Imagine the sun over his head, chest side of the Moon and the Earth at the foot, each emit energetic brilliance inside and outside to illuminate the translucent body, which like a brilliant light body, emitting brilliance throughout the entire universe. Maintain this state later on, and you will find you progress very quickly.

(3) And then inhale, we imagine the skin, as we breathe in, begins to "relax"---gradually disappear. Yes, it should be visualized as the tension of skin surface gradually disappears as we pronounce the word “relax”, breathing should be carried out deep, long, even. Relax three times, then relax the body muscles, fascia, bones and joints, internal organs, brain, each part relaxes three times, and finally do the relaxation of whole body three times--- as we pronounce "relax", we imagine from the head to the foot each part gradually disappears. This makes up one cycle of relaxation. Once not ideal, you can do it again

(4) Turn two palm outward, two arms stretched, then raise two hands from both sides from bottom to top along the arc of two sides, imagine, as we inhale, two pairs of hands gather all universal energy along the upward move, and bring all the energy flow to top of head. With the change of breath of exhalation the palms change to face down, we visualize the two pairs of hands begin to shed energy flow into "Baihui" points before stretching two hands to front of the face, then the body. As the two hands sink in front of the body, imagine the energy flow passes through the head, neck, chest, abdomen, along the two thigh down to the lower leg, the foot "Yongquan" Once out it heads to geocentric point, then through the Earth into interplanetary space. At the same time two hands move to meet close to navel area before returning to both sides of the body. Do the sequence 30 minutes.

Most Qi collection methods require the practitioners to imagine the body being positioned in big space, with the Qi slowly enveloping the body. As for the color selection, usually start with a golden yellow, golden white. Practice time can be 30 minutes long, but ten minutes, or even a few minutes can also be acceptable. Regardless of any time practitioners can do it (walking, sitting and lying, etc.). Either natural breathing or abdominal reversal breathing can work. After long-term cultivation, the capacity of mind-will can be strengthened gradually, and you can have an idea to increase energy flow from universe and gather them together, penetrate into the patient's head after Baihui, go directly into the affected area, then visualize the evil Qi to disperse, which will cause the condition to improve. This method can regulate patient's bio-field, so that the patient can recover gradually. Again, this method can be one for collective treatment, or assisting method for quickening practitioners practice. Qi collection methods are lot there available for choice, practitioners can choose one or two according to their specific circumstances. Please persist in the long-term cultivation, in order to uplift the level quickly.
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03-20-2011, 05:33 PM
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RE: Qigong Practice First Step: Body Purification
Do I understand right . Are you working on other peoples ilnes´s.?
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