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Timing For Gathering The External Agent
03-25-2011, 11:36 AM
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Timing For Gathering The External Agent

In my recent studies a question of sequential order came up in regards to "laying the foundation". From what I understand the order is as follows:

1) Focus on the Original Cavity of Spirit (Tsu Ch'iao), until the light of vitality manifests. Also this trains you to enter stillness.
2)Then Focus on the Lower Tan T'ien cavity, in stillness, and in time positive fire will move around the microcosmic orbit.
3)When the vitality vibrates in the lower tan tien (11pm-1am), you move the generative force and positive fire around in the orbit to gather and purify the generative force. Once this tan tien is full the light of vitality will shine from this center.

I am wondering if this order sounds right. Also when is the correct time to start focusing on the lower tantien, perhaps right after light manifest from the cavity of the spirit? If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.


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03-26-2011, 11:01 PM
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RE: Timing For Gathering The External Agent
Dear Scott:

To focus upon certain cavity is mostly advised by many qigong masters but it might lead to many disorders, even its therapeutic effects upon some diseases remain significant. For proper internal alchemy practice we recommend the relaxation of heart-mind as the beginning task to be done. Many Taoist books have such recording that some practitioners went to some places to till the land, to do some farming, to relax themselves until their mind stopped to issue any ideas -- idiots they seemed to become finally! The mind is the most difficult thing to be brought to terms. Therefore, to discipline the heart-mind always matters the most for all serious practitioners!

Yes, people may think we do not recommend microcosmic orbit. In fact, we recommend the spontaneous microcosmic orbit rather than the man-made microcosmic orbit. In addition, we do not recommend the focus upon Tsu Ch'iao as first and focus upon Lower Tan Tien as the second. People often hear about combine life force and innate nature together. Your method clearly goes against this general principle.
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