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Use the energy of Dan Tian for treatment
03-22-2011, 11:45 AM
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Use the energy of Dan Tian for treatment
I’ve been practicing Dan Tian Meditation since 2- 3 years, I’m mostly doing the chair position, with meditating on my lower Dan Tian, I can feel that my Dan Tian is very large and big (thanks allah) due to practicing.

My question is how can I use the energy of Dan Tian in my daily life, and to get healed considering that I’m 22 years old and suffering of severe colonic gaseous bowel distensions .

Thanks in advance.
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03-23-2011, 12:45 PM
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RE: Use the energy of Dan Tian for treatment
Firstly, get a doctor first to check out your distensions.

Gathering Qi in Dan Tien is only step one. The next step is to convert your Qi to something useful and more refined (via Microcosmic Orbit for beginners). Microcosmic Orbit itself is a bit more advanced and it may help to straighten out some disorders.

Now comes to the next step after all the hassle of gathering and cultivating the Qi is channeling the Qi and using it.

Basic method for the digestive tracts related disorder is to visualize the Qi rising from the Dan Tien to the base of the throat level where the shoulders meet, then split to the two sides to travel to each arm and then down each arm to the Lao Gong acupoint of each palms. Rub the palms together and as the palms heat up, emit Qi to the palms that is traveling to your hands from your Dan Tien. When the palms are hot, use the palms to rub your entire abdominal region (lift up your shirt if you are wearing one) while visualizing black qi (unhealthy qi) escaping to the legs, down the legs, to the soles of the legs and then to the Yong Quan acupoint of both feet and release the black qi into the earth and the earth would handle the black qi on it's own.

Make sure you sit or stand straight with both feets balanced on the ground.

Repeat the above for a few times (maybe nine times).

Your need to cultivate your Qi properly first.
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