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What exactly does the term "阳和之美" mean?
03-25-2011, 11:34 AM
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What exactly does the term "阳和之美" mean?
Famous Taoist alchemist Zhang San-feng left us with many articles talking about how to practice and the personal experience he had during the process. When pre-heaven Chi is in full play to arise and flow the heat-mind and breathing would combine to form a one of their own accord, then practitioners would feel the muscles and bones are melting down, much similar to the spring rain is moistening the dry land. It is a total void and both ego and dharma ego would abode nowhere.

Some people term it as "阳和之美" I do not think I know much in this regards. One friend presented me the following poem written by Zhang San-feng and informed me that these words also talk about the same subject. I want to know the meaning hidden in the poem, the more detailed the better. Could you help me? Thanks in advance!




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