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indicative of diffuse cerebral & cerebellar atrophy
11-01-2013, 11:45 AM (This post was last modified: 11-01-2013 11:46 AM by dotwang.)
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indicative of diffuse cerebral & cerebellar atrophy
My husband, 65 yo, Has c/o persistent headaches for the past 3 months. Initially he thought this could be sinus headaches-but did get concerned because the frequency & intensity of the pain had increased. He hasnever had a good memory but I feel his memory loss has worsened, however, he did not tell his MD this..He thought part of this could be due to a snus infection. His MD ordered an MRI, placed him on Avelox x 10 days, Clarinex daily and Ultram 200 mgm daily & ordered an MRI ofthe brain. The Ultram 200 was too strong and it was decreased to 100 mgm daily. THE MRI RESULTS ARE FOLLOWING::

FiINDINGS : The 4th,3rd, and lateral ventricles are mildly increased in size with a proportionate increase in size of the cortical sulci
& subarachnoid spaces of the posterior fossa-indicative of diffuse cerebral & cerebellar atrophy.

There is no evidence of midline shift or mass effect.

No focal areas of abnormal increased or decreased signal intensity are noted involving the brain parenchyma.

Following administration of Gadolineum DTPA there is no evidence of abnormal contrast enhancement.


1) What possible diagnosis (?more than 1 possibly?) are we looking at here ?
2) Is this an aggressive or slow progression illness ?
3) Could this be a result of mini stroke - although he has not had any other symptoms-that I am aware of..

I appreciate your assistance and opinion as soon as you are able...THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME...

Sincerely ~

Cheryl E
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