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Full Version: Reed Rhizome - Lu Gen(芦根)
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Biological Name:
Phragmites communis, Gramineae

[Image: med_207_02.jpg]

Other Names:
Phragmites, Lu gen, reed rhizome

Parts Used:

Remedies For:
Diuretic, antibiotic, antiemetic.

[Image: med_207_01.jpg]

Phragmites is effective for conditions of the lung involving thick yellow sputum, fever, and thirst. It can also be used for nausea and vomiting associated with stomach heat. For the Lower Warmer, it is used for damp heat with symptoms of urinary tract infections, such as dark urine, painful urination, and possibly blood in the urine. This is a common herb that resembles bamboo.

9-30 grams

This herb should not be used when there is weakness in the spleen and stomach caused by cold.
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