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Full Version: There is a chant called “putting-down everything” Can you provide me with it in Engli
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There is a chant called “putting-down everything” Can you provide me with it in English (sorry for my poor Chinese)? Many thanks!
Yes, there is a chant called “putting-down everything” (放下歌), very popular with Chinese Chan Buddhism monks. Here is my pleasure to know you like it and it is presented below for appreciation:
One who becomes a monk gets away from all kinds of causation;

By getting through with inborn nature he learns that all dharmas are empty.

Great wisdom is in quiescence and drifts in non−living,

The true secret is hidden; it wanders in extinction.

When the three realms are empty all dharmas are in perfect order;

When the six sense−organs are purified all troubles are finished,

To be resolute, single−minded and enlightened one must understand the heart.

When the heart is purified it can shine alone;

When the heart is sincere all regions are imbued with it.

The true appearance has neither deficiency nor excess and can be visible before being.

The images of illusion always decay,

Why seek what is beyond one's lot?

The way to enter meditation is through meritorious deeds and by sitting in silence;

The root of cultivating one's conduct truly is charity and kindness.

Great skill appears as clumsiness and knows that all deeds are achieved through effortless action.

The finest plans involve no calculation; everything must be put down and left alone.

It only needs one heart not to move for every action to be perfect.

It is truly absurd to try to strengthen the male by drawing on the female and nonsensical to try to extend one's years by taking elixirs.

The only essential is that all the causation of every speck of dust must be discarded, and that every type of materiality should be left empty.

Be plain and pure,

Let your desires be less and less.

Then naturally you will enjoy life without end for ever.
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