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Full Version: I often heard about the combination of both heart-mind and breathing
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I often heard about the combination of both heart-mind and breathing, or something like either "breathing leans against mind," or "mind leans against breathing." I feel perplexed and can you offer some clue for better understanding such subject? Thanks in advance!
I think people can gain a well understanding on this stuff if they know Chinese characters. To create each Chinese characters I do not think Chang Jie -- who created most Chinese characters -- set out only from the consideration to make pictographs. Far beyond that! Let take a look at the following illustration: Chinese character for 'breathing' consists of two parts, the upper one is a Chinese character meaning 'derive from, originate from, or ego' ; the lower part the Chinese character meaning 'heart-mind.'

So, in Taoism, people often talk about 'breathing' 'derives from' 'my own heart-mind.' From this you can well understand that originally the breathing and mind are one, no any demarcation between them. This is why people always advocate to combine both heart-mind and breathing. In addition, this can also explain that as long as mind remains free of any motion at all (no any thoughts in motion) then acquired breathing will come to an end (Notes: here we add 'acquired'). So, many practitioners have the experience that breathing comes to a stop sometimes when they fall into deep meditation.

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