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Full Version: three nadis and seven charkras (三脉七轮)
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People familiar with Yoga theory know the term “three nadis and seven seven charkras”(三脉七轮). Do you think in Taoist alchemy practice there has the similar saying or theory? Thanks in advance!
Yes, you are right. Taoist alchemy has in possession the similar theory and they are very important in practice. Please see the figure illustrated below.

In Taoist alchemy theory they hold there are three channels. Among them the Principal channel connects the head apex and Huiyin, the other two channels position themselves beside the principal channel and are parallel to each other, one is at the left side and another right side.

[Image: sanlun_tu.gif]

As to seven wheels, the base wheel means the Huiyin area; sacral wheel the center point located between navel and kidney; solar plexus wheel four standard fingers thick above sacral wheel; heart wheel at the same level of Shan Zhong acupoint, along principal channel; throat wheel the Adam's apple; brow wheel inside the Yin Tang acupoint (between two eyebrows); apex wheel fontanelles. There is another wheel called crown wheel people seldom mention. It is four standard fingers thick above apex wheel and only accomplished practitioners can have.
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