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Full Version: What is "five aggregates" or "five accumulation"?
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What is "five aggregates" or "five accumulation"? I think this is a typical Buddhism terminology that people should know first hand if they want to know something about Buddhism
'five aggregates', also translated into Chinese as 五蕴 means 'accumulation' or 'gathering.' The viewpoint that all existence, including our own, lies in the relationship of five clusters, the assembly of mind and matter, or spirit and matter. There are five categories, which are form, feeling, perception, impulse and consciousness. 'Form' 色 is matter in general, the body or materiality. 'Feeling' 受 is receptive or sensory function. 'Perception' 想 refers to images that surface in the mind. 'Impulse' 行is will, intention, or the mental function that accounts for craving. 'Consciousness' 识 is the cognitive, or discriminating function.
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