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Full Version: Serious Question About Preventing Nocturnal Emission
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This is a serious question about how to prevent nocturnal emissions (for men) when practicing internal alchemy. Even though I keep my mind completely off anything sexually stimulating, I can still have one or more nocturnal emissions per month. Does this indicate a health problem? Are there specific methods to help prevent this from happening? It can take one to two weeks or so to recover from such occurrences. It would be nice to know how to avoid this altogether. If one practices meditation from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM will this help to prevent or eliminate nocturnal emissions?
The page: Practical Process of Taoist Internal Alchemy Practice in this website did mention about the vita vapour and collection. I think it is called the Water Wheel in the webpage. How is the Water Wheel and Microcosmic Orbit (similar or different) or they are the same thing ?

Is it required and why does a person need to redo the work ? Does the person need to start everything all over again ? Is there any techniques that would tolerate such occassional slip up of non-intentional ejaculation (e.g. as the main poster said... once a month - which is unintentional) ?
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