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Full Version: Step 7: Revolve the First Water-wheel (1)
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Hello Again,

I haven't seemed to be able to get any help from the forum section, so I thought I'd try my question here. My question regaurds the Inner Intercourse described in Step 7 of the 4-10 waterwheel. Master Hu Xuezhi states that:

"First you should settle your mind-will in the lower elixir field. When you inhale, your gaze by two eyes tracing its way along an arc at your left side should ascend the upper elixir field from the lower elixir field. Then you should breathe out, meanwhile your gaze tracing its way along an arc at your right side should evenly and slowly descend from upper elixir field and go back into the lower elixir field. You are persuaded carrying out this operation for thirty-six times. Afterwards, during your breathing in, you should guide your mind-will and the inward gaze ascend the upper elixir field along an arc at your right side, and descend from the left side to go back into lower elixir field again when breathing out. This operation you should carry out twenty-four times."

And from my understanding the method should say:

"The eyes are to roll from left to right and vice versa to raise and lower the inner fire. The meditator should first direct his eyes down and roll them from the left up to the upper dantien and lower them to the right to look into the lower dantien. this should be done 36 times. AND THEN HE SHOULD ROLL HIS EYES DOWN THE LEFT HAND SIDE FROM THE UPPER DANTIEN DOWN THE BACK TO THE HUI YIN THEN UP THE RIGHT SIDE TO THE LOWER DANTIEN." - XingMing Fajue Mingzhi by Zhao Bichen

So my question is why is there a difference? and what is the correct way to accomplish Nei Chiao Kou (Inner Copulation)?

Thank you for the letter.

In fact, what you learnt is the method and method would be useless during such process. The know-how in mind matters the most at this critical stage of internal alchemy practice. So, if possible, please learn from some experienced masters on this subject and stop to learn from books. XingMing Fajue Mingzhi by Zhao Bichen carries many mistakes and only under correct guidance you can know the know-how. Then the value of the book can be well appreciated.

Hope you can understand.
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