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Full Version: Ecstasy in the framework of Taoist alchemy
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I began conserving jing several years ago and began practicing daily grand circulation meditation a few months ago. On Nov 5 I began my meditation at about 12 night time and experienced an ecstasy that lasted until 2:20. I never experienced anything like this and while I have several books on Qigong, none of them have much details about this. However, I did find similar description in Osho book in the Tantra chapter.

Since then, I kept practicing daily and had another ecstasy a few days after the first one which lasted less but it's power was almost painful.
I had other incidents since, one of them could be described as an orgasm right under the chest and another when I felt pressure in my skull as if something was lodged there.

I read the Internal Alchemy chapters several times but still can't decide if the the "golden lightning" is a momentary event or an event similar to ecstasy. I'll appreciate any help resolving this matter and any suggestions in general as I have no teacher.
Hi. Could you describe the 'ecstasy', 'orgasm' and 'pressure' you felt especially the pressure in the chest and skull ? Do you feel the pressure as some sharp pain or something like a gentle press ?

You may have 'activated' your heart (chest) and crown (head) centers if those pressures are not negative in nature.

'Golden lightning' is some kind of 'awakening' effect. You need to provide more details on your experience.
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