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Full Version: The microcosmic orbit
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dear master,

how would it affect the practitioners if the microcosmic orbit was turned the other way around? that is, inhalating moving it up in front of the body along the frontal elixir fields, and then exhalating moving it down the spine along the back, so going the reverse way instead of the route explained by the honorable master and many other sources. i asked my friends but no one could tell me, please enlighten me about this.
Yes, you can do that, but you have to make sure of what effect you want to get.

Generally speaking, to run along the channel is to supplement while to go against it is to discharge...

So, you have to know your purpose is for effect in relation to one acupoint or a group acupoints or whole channel in question.... River water is running in one direction, you can use a boat to sail upstream, but to change the running direction of water may have some meaning or not at all?.......

With best regards.
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