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Full Version: Seeking skillful Qigong therapist in China
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尊敬的道长, 请原谅我的中文。我是个外国人,而且我只学过汉语一年三个月左右。我知道您们能够读英语,但我不知道对您来说读英文是不是方便,所以我尽量用汉语。 反正,在美国我认识一个华裔的道家养生方法老师。他的一个学生五年之前闹了卵巢癌,但是以西医和中医治疗了。这名老师很想派他的学生去中国为了跟外气治疗医生看病,但是他很久没有回中国所以他现在不太熟悉中国的气功界。因为我现在住在中国他请我帮忙,可是到今我还没听说很多这种的大夫。并,在北京,我提 “气功“的时候,不论他们对方是不是跟中医界的,好像他们自动地有诸如“气功人都是骗子和庸医“之类的反应!另一部分的人尊重气功,但是不认识任何气功医生.于是,因为我注意了您们的网站有很多关于医学的气功的文章,我想请您们给我推荐中国的正在看病气功高手. 感谢您们!
The patient has to practice Qigong by himself. Depending totally upon the Qigong master's external Qi cannot not bring the fully recovery, but some improvement. That is the point and hope more people understand the fact.

In China Qigong is always supposed to have connection with superstition or dirty politics or fraud due to the propaganda by the government. So, please do not mention it when in China.

But, as like acupuncture, Qigong is a great healing art that can greatly benefit people's health, mentally and physically. The patient can successfully conquer the cancer if he/she can practice properly and persisstently. It really is not a difficult task.
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