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Full Version: Chuang Tzu Story - A bird is for a mantis who is preying on cicada (螳螂捕蝉)
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As Kwang Kâu was rambling in the park of Tiâo-ling he saw a strange bird which came from the south. Its wings were seven cubits in width, and its eyes were large, an inch in circuit. It touched the forehead of Kâu as it passed him, and lighted in a grove of chestnut trees. 'What bird is this?' said he, 'with such great wings not to go on! and with such large eyes not to see me!'

He lifted up his skirts, and hurried with his cross-bow, waiting for (an opportunity to shoot) it. (Meanwhile) he saw a cicada, which had just alighted in a beautiful shady spot, and forgot its (care for its) body. (Just then), a preying mantis raised its feelers, and pounced on the cicada, in its eagerness for its prey, (also) forgetting (its care for) its body; while the strange bird took advantage of its opportunity to secure them both, in view of that gain forgetting its true (instinct of preservation).

Kwang Kâu with an emotion of pity, said, 'Ah! so it is that things bring evil on one another, each of these creatures invited its own calamity.' (With this) he put away his cross-bow, and was hurrying away back, when the forester pursued him with terms of reproach.

庄周游于雕陵之樊,一异鹊自南方来者,翼广七尺,目大运寸,感周之颡而集于栗林。庄周曰:“此何鸟哉,翼殷不逝,目大不?” 蹇裳躩步,执弹而留之。一蝉,方得美荫而忘其身,螳蜋执翳而搏之,见得而忘其形;异鹊从而利之,见利而忘其真。庄周怵然曰:“噫!物固相累,二类相召也!”捐弹而反走,虞人逐而谇之。

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