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Full Version: Sophora Root (山豆根)
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Biological Name:
Sophorae flavescentis, Leguminosae

Other Names:
Sophora, Ku shen, Sophora root

[Image: med_283_01.jpg]

Parts Used:

Remedies For:
Anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial, antifungal, parasiticide.

Useful for the treatment of acute urinary tract infections, vaginal or anal discharge with itching, or eczema. It also kills worms and is helpful in cases of ringworm. it can also be used topically to treat genital itching.

[Image: med_283_02.jpg]

3-12 grams

Sophora root should not be used by those with weakness and cold in the spleen and stomach. Caution: Sophora root should not be used with Radix veratri.

[Image: med_283_03.jpg]
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