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Full Version: Develop both Yang Qi and Yin Qi
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Since the free Damo course mostly developes Yang Qi, may I ask if practioners need some exercise to cultivate Yin Qi too? I understand that we need to have Yang Qi to be strong and fit.
In fact, there are lots of concept to be blurred due to the misunderstanding. People have to understand more about the pre-heaven arrangement and post-heaven arrangement of eight trigrams. Yes, to well understand internal alchemy people have to know more about I-Ching because it is very foundation.

In post-heaven arrangement, Kan trigram occupies the location of Kun traigram whereas Li trigram occupies the location of Chian. Kan trigram consists of upper broken line, middle unbroken line and lower broken line. The middle unbroken line represents the pre-heaven element because it derives from the Chian (in pre-heaven arrangement). Similiarly, Li trigram consists of upper unbroken line, middle broken line and lower unbroken line. The middle broken line represents the pre-heaven element because it derives from the Kun (in pre-heaven arrangement).

Lets talk about Kan trigram, consisting of upper broken line, middle unbroken line and lower broken line. As apposed to both upper broken line and lower broken line, the middle unbroken line is Yang (naturally, both upper broken line and lower broken line are Yin ). Relatively speaking, here the Yang is called Yang Qi while the Yin is the Yin Jing. Please note here they are relative concepts. Yin Jing, in fact, is the master of all corporeal body, and therefore many books talk about refilling Jing (take care of the body, give more nutritional supplement, have less sex activity, take some herbal medicine and so on). One concept, however, is that the Yan is fostered by the Yin Jing ---- the pre-heaven element is within the post-heaven element and they are depending upon each other.

In traditional Chinese medicine theory they hold the kidney Yang is the sun of the corporeal body, insufficiency of it may cause the aversion to coldness, prone to get cold, the weakened immune system and lots of disorder. It means the same. Kan trigram is water in terms of five elements (theory), the unbroken line (Yang Qi) is often termed as metal in water. Then you may ask, at the same level as Yang Qi locates, what is located as opposed to it. It is the middle broken line of Li trigram, which is often termed as Shen. As opposed to cognitive consciousness (Yin) the concept of Shen (Yang) arises. Therefore, whenever you talk about Yin and Yang, please understand clearly 1) the circumstances in which the intended objects locate and 2) the same category to which the intended objects belong.
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