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Full Version: Boiling and a little vibrating along my meridians
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I often feel something is boiling and a little vibrating along my meridians. I suspect my blood is boiling and my skin seems to become so hot, whereas in the same time I am becoming fatigued, dazed and sleepy, and seem to have less and less energy. I do Qigong practice two hours everyday. What is the problem? Thanks in advance!
My pleasure to give the answer.

1. It might be due to the too strong “concentration” of your ideas in meditation, or in another word, there is too much focus. The improper use of intention can lead to the production of three different “fire” in Taoist alchemy practice. The proper measure is to know where the mind should focus upon but do not adhere to it later on (in Chinese it is called Zhi Er Bu Shou 知而不守), or put it there and take care to prevent it from shifting away (in Chinese it is called Bao Ren 保任).

2. You might use too strong idea in rotating the small water wheel – Ren channel and Du channels - or visualize to do some imagination or circulation. Such operation can easily cause the boiling and vibrating feeling because it is more like to put fire under a pot in which there is no any water. Accordingly, it is easy to cause disorders.

3. You might have the syndrome called Yin vacuity fire in traditional Chinese medicine theory. Such tiding heat often becomes strong in afternoon and can bring about fatigue and dizziness. Take some Chinese herbal medicine and it can be solved easily.
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