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Full Version: Chuang Tzu Story - Lieh Yü-khâu exhibited his archery (列子习射) (列子习射)
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Lieh Yü-khâu was exhibiting his archery to Po-hwan Wû-zan. Having drawn the bow to its full extent, with a cup of water placed on his elbow, he let fly. As the arrow was discharged, another was put in its place; and as that was sent off, a third was ready on the string. All the while he stood like a statue.

Po-hwan Wû-zan said, 'That is the shooting of an archer, but not of one who shoots without thinking about his shooting. Let me go up with you to the top of a high mountain, treading with you among the tottering rocks, till we arrive at the brink of a precipice, 800 cubits deep, and (I will then see) if you can shoot.'

On this they went up a high mountain, making their way among the tottering rocks, till they came to the brink of a precipice 800 cubits deep. Then Wû-zan turned round and walked backwards, till his feet were two-thirds of their length outside the edge, and beckoned Yü-khâu to come forward. He, however, had fallen prostrate on the ground, with the sweat pouring down to his heels. Then the other said, 'The Perfect man looks up to the azure sky above, or dives down to the yellow springs beneath, or soars away to the eight ends of the universe, without any change coming over his spirit or his breath. But now the trepidation of your mind appears in your dazed eyes; your inward feeling of peril is extreme!'

列御寇为伯昏无人射,引之盈贯,措杯水其肘上,发之,适矢复沓,方矢复寓。当是时,犹象人也。伯昏无人曰:“是射之射,非不射之射也。尝与汝登高山,履危石,临百仞之渊,若能射乎?”于是无人遂登高山,履危石,临百仞之渊,背逡巡,足二分垂在外,揖御寇而进之。御寇伏地,汗流至踵。伯昏无人曰: “夫至人者,上窥青天,下潜黄泉,挥斥八极,神气不变。今汝怵然有恂目之志,尔于中也殆矣夫!”

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