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Full Version: Red Sage Root (丹参)
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Red Sage Root, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae

What it is:
This herb is theroot of Salvia milti-orrhiza Bge.( family Labiatae) which is produced in all partsof China. It is washed clean after collection, dried insunlight, sliced andused unprepared or stir-baked with wine.

Bitter in flavour, slightly cold in pro-perty, acting on theheart, pericardium and liver channels.

Invigo-rating blood circula-tion, removing bloodstasis, cooling theblood, treating car-buncles, andtranquil-lising the disturbedmind by nourishing the blood.

[Image: med_076_01.jpg]

Used for:
1. Various syndro-mes due to accumula-tion of blood stasis.Slightly cold in property, it is espe-cially effective fordiseases due to bloodstasis accompanied with heat in the blood. In the treat-ment of gynecologicaldiseases like menstru-ation disorders and obstetrical problems,it is often prescribedwith safflower, peachkernel and motherwort;for epigastric and abdominal pain due to blood stasis and stagnation of qi, itcan be used with sandal wood and amomum fruit, namely,Red Sage Drink(DanshenYin); for treating massed in the abdomen,it can be used alongwith burreed tuber,zedoary, turtle shell,etc.; for traumaticinjuries with ecchy-moma, swelling and pain, it is often given together with chinese angelica root,safflower and chuan-xiong rhizome; for arthritis of heat typewith red swelling and painful joints, it should be prescribedwith honeysuckle stem,red peony root, large-leaf gentian root and mulberry twig.

2. Sores, carbun-cles and other pyo-genic skin infections.It is often used with honeysuckle flo-wer, forsythia fruit,frankincense and myrrh.

3. Vexation and insomnia due to im-pairment of ying andyin by pathogenic heat. It is often used with dried rehmannia root, scrophularia root and lophatherum, as in Decoction for Clearing Heat in theYing System(QingyingTang). For severe palpitation,insomniaand forgetfulness due to insufficiencyof blood in the heart, this herb alone is made into atincture for oral use, or it is used with fleece- flower stem. In recent years,it has often been used in treating hepatosplenomegaly, coronary heart disease, throm-boangiitis obliteransand ectopic pregnancy, and has shown curativeeffects.

[Image: med_076_02.jpg]

Dosage and admi-nistration:
5- 15g, decocted in water for an oral dose. Forthromboangiitis obli-terans and arthritisof heat type, the maximum dosage can be 30-60g. Red sage root stir-baked withwine has a strongereffect for promotingblood circulation and eliminating blood stasis.

It is antagonistic to black hellebore rhizome and root(Radix veratri).
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