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Full Version: I have Type II diabetes
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I have Type II diabetes, I feel very cold sometime and sometimes I chill often. Is this a symptom of this disease? Can some Chinese herbal medicine offer some help? I heard herbal medicine can rectify such minor symptom. Is it correct? What is the mechanism?
Yes, you are right, some patients have started having cold toes up to about the ball of feet, also stinging in toes mostly, though sometimes in hands and occasionally lower part of the leg/calf. Some do have low thyroid, on meds and are easily on the chilly side but this seems to be different.

Please go to see your doctor and ask if this is Diabetes related -- or circulation or Thyroid.

Yes, herbal medicine can deal such illness in a very natural and easy way in comparison with Western medicine. So, please consult some Chinese herbal medicine doctors if it is convenient for you. You can try one herbal medicine formula specially for type 2 diabetes called Diabetes Recovery Capsule. It has less side effect and the efficacy remains good.
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