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Full Version: My wife has Diabetes type 2
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My wife has Diabetes type 2 now for a couple years. After not taking care of it like eating right, taking meds she is now doing better. Her A1c have been 11.9 and now is down to 6.7.

She said that today when she took his blood level it was 51. First that's hard to believe usually in the past it almost never was below 250 but lately she has been keeping it around the normal range but not below 120. If ones blood sugar is that low wouldn't there be complications? Should there be something that we need to watch out for?
When blood sugar goes down that low people begin to sweat and shake. I'm not sure what the low number is when one goes into a coma, but that is dangerous. When people get lower than 100 people should drink a small glass of chocolate milk to get it up quickly. Many people use Glucose tablets that they carry with them. The problem is that if you spike it up with pure sugar it over corrects in a short time. You need to add some protein, such as milk.

There are definite severe problems that happen with low blood sugar. It's possibly that your wife needs to have her medicine adjusted.

Some herbal medicine can correct such issue and your wife can give a try.
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