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Full Version: Between type 1 or type 2 which can be treated well
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Between type 1 or type 2 which can be treated well? In which type the risk factors are higher?

Is Type 2 diabetes in young adults possible? Is this called juvenile onset? Generally, its is said that type 1 is found in young adults. Can the type 2 diabetes be controlled to normality? Any dangers of type 2 becoming type 1 in later stages? How can we prevent them?

Type 1 Diabetes (also called Juvenile Diabetes) is when pancreas fails and no longer produces any Insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes is when pancreas still produces Insulin but your body does not use it as effectively as it should.

For this reason Type 1 is considered more serious but both are treatable and controlable. So that the person may live a relatively or almost completely normal life. It is always possible to go from Type 2 diabetes to Type 1 Diabetes but never the reverse. Many times a Type 2 Diabetic will be treated as a Type 1 but will not actually be a Type 1. Reason being the treatments for a Type 1 are also effective on a Type 2 if that severity of treatment is needed. It is believed that Type 2 can be prevented or delayed in its onset by proper diet and exercise just like you would do if you actually had Type 2. There is no way to prevent Type 1.

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