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Full Version: My husband has type 2 diabetes and is on Byetta
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My husband has been on Byetta - stomach injections - for about 8 months. The first 5 months was the lowest dosage and now it is doubled (the highest dosage). There is no rhyme or reason concerning the A1C levels - currently 7.6%! and he has not lost any weight either - which is suppose to be a side affect (one he was looking forward to). His blood work is good for his heart disease, but not for the diabetes. He teach exercise classes but also have ostioarthritis and fibromyalgia, so exercising more would really be a chore; He has cut back on portions and has introduced more fruit and vegetables in his diet. If he lost at least 25lbs, he would feel better and hopefully get his A1C down. HELP - What else can he do to loose weight?
If your husband is on other Diabetic medications, this could be the cause of no weight loss. Personally I do not think Byetta is the cause.

Why not go on a low carb diet and see if it knocks the fluff away. Sometimes fruit keep the BS up to there is a lot of sugar in them. Portion control is key uping you protein will keep people fulller longer and give them energy. Is he on other diabetic med's because all of them excet metformin cause weight gain.

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