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Full Version: My friend is under minimum medication and diabetes was diagnosed
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My friend is 27 years, she is under minimum medication and diabetes was diagnosed one year ago....her BS level Under control...medications have been reduced periodically starting 2 tablets a day and now being 1/2 a tablet a day.

1) Can the pancreas be made to work normal and fine for life time through natural therapies and remedies like ayurveda and massages. Is it good to take ayurveda treatements being in alopathy, scientific medicines. Or is it good to go 4 such therapies after having got the intake of the medicines stopped 4 diabetic.

2) Is diabetic reversible? Is it possible for someone to get free from diabetes, No medication, No more diabetic state being well controlled in diet, exercise, and controlled BS level. In such positive note... How and When or How soon we can achieve this?

3)Any way or new treatments to get the type 2 diabetic out of Blood or gene... What ways in the world?
Type 2 diabetes is different from type 1 diabetes, which isn't reversible. Type 2 can generally be reversed by changing your diet and getting plenty of exercise. The reason is that type 2 is caused by the body not being able to absorb or use the insulin it creates. By changing your diet, meaning eating better with fewer carbs, and by exercising to get rid of fat deposits which prevent that insulin absorption, it is possible for a type 2 diabetic to go from needing medication to not needing medication. This has been possible for a long time already.

Natural therapies have no valid record of actually working to affect diabetes, either type 1 or type 2.

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