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Full Version: My ex wife has Hepatitis C
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I got divorced about 6 years ago and my ex wife has Hepatitis C.

When she walked out she was hanging around a guy who had it already. She claims that when she was a nurse many years prior that she got it from someone's blood after giving a shot. I think she got it from this guy who's girl friend had it also. She claims no way. I had seen them together and I'm very
confused with this matter. Yes the divorce is over but people won't tell me anything.

Please tell me how I sort this out so I can close the door for good. What's happened has happened but I just want to know.

Thank you.
Yes, it is possible that your x wife is right about when and how she got it. Why bother if she's your x wife or not? Just get on with your own life. By the way it's very difficult to get it sexually. Only a 5% chance of getting it male to female after 10-15 years of unprotected sex with the same person. It's often confused with HIV and hepatitis B that are both easy to get sexually. This is a blood borne illness. You must have blood to blood contact with another person or a transfusion.

For more information u=you are welcome to visit http://www.hepatitisherb.com/
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