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Full Version: My husband's stats: genotype 2, stage 1 grade 2
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My husband's stats: genotype 2, stage 1 grade 2; positive for intrahepatocellular hemosiderin, grade 2 of 4.

We went to see the doctor last Tuesday and my husband decided to get treatment. The doctor wrote prescription for interferon/ribavirin. Yesterday the nurse called and put on hold his treatment because his blood test for heriditary hemochromatosis came back positive. He is scheduled to see a hematologist on Wednesday. I just want to ask about the relationship of hepatitis C to hemochromatosis? Is it really necessary not to get treatment yet for hepatitis C when you are positive for hemochromatosis. Do you know the length of treatment for this?? Thank you all!
Hemochromatosis is iron overload, which is my understanding. In general, you do not want to treat with iron overload as it decreases your husband's chance for success.

Iron overload is sometimes treated by phlebotomy (blood letting) prior to treatment. Don't know if they do this or not with heritary hemochromatosis. Hopefully the hemotologist will put your husband on the right track.

I will add this, that as a stage 1 your husband has very little liver damage, so I wouldn't at all be concerned if tx is delayed. First take care of the hemochromatosis, then deal with tx.

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