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Full Version: My girl friend has hepatitis C
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I met a woman with whom I fell madly in love. Just a few days ago she told me that she had a hepatitis C, but that the hospital was still running some tests (blood tests for instance). Of course I had sexual intercourse with her and we also tongue kiss a lot. I also had sex with her while she had her period and I probably licked her blood in some stages. Now my question is: how easily can I get infected in this way. I have read that it is still not clear if hepatitis is sexual transmittable. Some articles suggest to use condoms, others don't. Do you also need to use protection when you lick genitals, or during mouth contact or other ways of sexual contact?
Hep C is blood borne. Although there have been reports of people contacting it through semen, saliva, etc. it is very rare, if true at all. However, if I were you, I would limit my dangerous adventures with an infected person to frolics that do not involve any blood.

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