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Full Version: Rehmannia Root (地黄)
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Rehmannia root

Biological Name:
Rehmanniae glutinosae, Scrophulariaceae

Other Names:
Rehmannia root, raw rehmannia, Chinese foxglove, Sheng di huang

[Image: med_306_01.jpg]

Parts Used:

Remedies For:
Antibacterial, antifungal, cardiotonic, diuretic.

[Image: med_306_02.JPG]

Raw rehmannia is used in cases of heat caused by lack of fluids (yin deficiency) in the body. It is used when there are heat signs with thirst. It is also recommended when there is bleeding in the stomach or uterus. Rehmannia is also effective when there is heart fire rising with sores in the mouth or on the tongue, irritability, insomnia, and/or chronic low-grade fever.

9-30 grams

[Image: med_306_03.jpg]

Rehmannia root should not be used for spleen weakness with symptoms of diarrhea, lack of appetite, or excess phlegm. it should also be avoided by pregnant women.
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