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Full Version: Chuang Tzu's Story: Zhuang Zi's wife died (庄子妻死)
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Recently when I read the book of Zhuangzi I came to an interesting story and I really felt fascinated by the profundity of the tale:

When Zhuang Zi's wife died, his friend Hui Zi went to offer his condolences to the sage. He saw Zhuang Zi sitting on the ground, drumming on an upturned basin an singing. Hui Zi said to him, "Your wife lived with you, and gave birth to and brought up your children. The fact that you refuse to weep just because she became old and died is something that I can understand. But to drum on a basin and sing - is that not going beyond the bounds of decorum?" Zhuang Zi answered, "That is not the case. When she died, of course I was grieved. But I realized that originally she did not exist. Then she had a shape and life, and then she died. That was just like the changing of the four seasons. Now she is quietly lying in a big room. If I weep and wail, that shows that I do not understand the rules of nature. So I ceased weeping."


People often claim Zhuangzi prefers to use tales to tell the ways in disciplining people's mind for their Tao cultivation. Could some people offer some more understanding on this tale? My thanks here in advance!
We come here and after sometime of stay, we go back to where we came from. all that live have to die eventually. That is the rule of Nature. It is natural to die, so why be sad and weep when you understand the ways of Nature ? The body is a shell for the consciousness to interact with this world. When we die, what is left is that empty rotting shell. Why be attached to a dead rotting shell ?
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