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Full Version: Day and Night They Alternate, But We Cannot Tell Whence They Spring (日夜相代乎前, 而莫知其所萌)
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Great wisdom is generous; petty wisdom is contentious. Great speech is impassioned, small speech cantankerous.

For whether the soul is locked in sleep or whether in waking hours the body moves, we are striving and struggling with the immediate circumstances. Some are easy-going and leisurely, some are deep and cunning, and some are secretive. Now we are frightened over petty fears, now disheartened and dismayed over some great terror. Now the mind flies forth like an arrow from a cross-bow, to be the arbiter of right and wrong. Now it stays behind as if sworn to an oath, to hold on to what it has secured. Then, as under autumn and winter's blight, comes gradual decay, and submerged in its own occupations, it keeps on running its course, never to return. Finally, worn out and imprisoned, it is choked up like an old drain, and the failing mind shall not see light again.

Joy and anger, sorrow and happiness, worries and regrets, indecision and fears, come upon us by turns, with everchanging moods, like music from the hollows, or like mushrooms from damp. Day and night they alternate within us, but we cannot tell whence they spring. Alas! Alas! Could we for a moment lay our finger upon their very Cause?

大知闲闲,小知閒閒。大言炎炎,小言詹詹。其寐也魂交,其觉也形开。与接为搆,日以心斗:缦者、窖者、密者。小恐惴惴,大恐缦缦。其发若机栝,其司是非之谓也;其留如诅盟,其守胜之谓也;其杀若秋冬,以言其日消也;其溺之所为之,不可使复之也;其厌也如缄,以言其老洫也;近死之心,莫使复阳也。喜怒哀乐,虑叹变蜇,姚佚启态──乐出虚,蒸​成菌。日夜相代乎前, 而莫知其所萌。已乎,已乎!旦暮得此,其所由以生乎!
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