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Full Version: This is a question regarding Cerebral Atrophy
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My mother who is around 60+ has been diagnosed with cerebral atrophy. We saw some changes in behaviour like loss in memory and lack of clarity in speech. We are living in the US. None of the doctors here were able to find out what this problem was. When we took her to UK sometime in Feb 2008, the homeopathic doctor was the one who was able to say that this is a case of cerebral atrophy in its early stage.

He also gave some medicines, which seemed to make her better for 1-2 months. Now she is again showing the same signs of not being able to pronounce words clearly and also loss of memory in simple day to day activities.

She was taken to a doctor here who was now able to also diagnose that it indeed is a case of cerebral atrophy and in her case, the brain seems to be developing some new kind of blood cells, not the regular red or white cells, but she is still only in the early stages of it.

Can any of you help here?

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