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Full Version: Cerebral atrophy
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My husband suffered a heart attack in Dec 2009, and had a estimated down
time of 10 minutes which resulted in an anoxic brain injury. He was in a
coma for approximately 6 weeks, and his prognosis was very grim in the
beginning. However in the last 6 months, he has woken from his coma,
began speaking, has a good handle on a lot of long term memories, but
his short term is suffering. He is now eating regular food at least
once a day with his speech therapist. He is also reading flash cars, word problem
solving, and doing math problems as well. A few days ago a doctor told
me that his old MRI (taken about a month ago) shows cerebral atrophy,
however in his opinion, he felt it may not have been from the cardiac arrest,
and led me to believe it may have been this way prior? In researching
cerebral atrophy, I cannot find any links between what happened to him
and this disorder. Any thoughts?
Heart attack may lead to complications like embolus,cerebral atrophy,haemorrhage etc.Cerebral atrophy may be associated with the cardiac attack and must have developed with the ischaemia and coma may be the result of the atrophy.There seems to be definite relation of the atrophy with the cardiac attack

Source: http://www.brainatrophy.net
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