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Full Version: My brian is shrinking .. brain atrophy?
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I am a 59-year old male in good health. I have a Ph.D in ecology, speak 4 languages fluently and was an avid reader.

12 months ago I began having problems writing and the sixe of letters began shrinking no matter how hard I tried. At the same time I began having uncontrollable tremors in my hands. My physician referred me to a neurologist who said I had Essential Tremor. I then began occasionally falling down and developed gait problems as well as tinitus and a fairly constant stiff neck and shoulders. I was referred to another neurologist who ordered an MRI. It showed that my brian is shrinking with a serious loss of volume most prominantly in the frontal lobe and cerebelum. I have pretty much quit reading literature (vs. magazines) as I usually have to review what I read the previous day in order to go forward. Do you know what is going on and should I be seeing someone else? I am scheduled to see my current neurologist again in February. He is very prominet and is usually booked up to 6 months in advance. Thank you!
I am sorry hearing your problem.

Looks like you are having a degenerative brain disorder or parkinsonism

Other causes could be Multiple sclerosis , Alzheimer’s disease , dementia ( fronto temporal) .

Or any disease of infectious orgin like encephalitis.

I suggest you to take a second opinion and follow up your case more regularly.

All the best and take care

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