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Full Version: Fecal biotheripy for treatment of ulcerative colitis
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Has anyone heard of fecal biotheripy for treatment of ulcerative colitis?

My girlfriend has UC and nothing thats been done as far as a treatment has helped AT ALL ive heard of this bacterial recolonization idea but when she asked her doctor about it he looked at her like she was insane. the concept doesnt sound insane to me at all and id like to knwo more about it and ESPECIALLY hear from anyone who has done this. ive heard people have been completely cured of UC from fecal biotherapy and it makes complete sense to me. id like to know if anyone has any strong evidence AGAINST this procedure or has found lasting remission though any other method. anyone know of any doctors that would do this ?
I heard about that too!

Faecal enemas is briefly written about in a book I'm reading called Coping Successfully with Ulcerative Colitis by Peter Cartwright. It's in chapter 11, Future Developments. It basically says "a gastroenterology team in New South Wales, Australia, has reported 6 cases of people with hard to treat UC who have obtained complete remission though faecal enemas." Firstly all patients took a course of antibiotics. The enemas were made from the faeces of their relatives or friends, whose faeces were checked for infectious microbes beforehand. They had to use an enema every day for 5 days and with each one the liquid had to be held in for at least 6-8 hours.

It also says this study hasn't been further replicated by other research centres.It was written in 2004 so hopefully they are researching this further.

Source: http://www.colitismedicine.com/
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