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Full Version: My daughter has been suffering from ulerative colitis
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My daughter has been suffering with ulerative colitis since Jan 2007. We have tried probiotic treatments, steriod, IV steroid and nothing is stoping the pain, blood and clots. Is surgery the only answer to help her? They have suggested chemo-therapy as off label use - we have a high lymphoma cancer rate in this family - we don't feel comfortable with this treatment. Would surgery be so bad? Is there any other form of treatment we should be trying? She is not excitted about losing her large intestine at the age of 23 - but this is no quality of life for her this way. She can't eat withoug pain and they must now bring her off the steriod therapy - she has been on it since July. Any suggestions? What should we ask our Dr before allowing the colonectomy. Thank you!
Normally, surgery is considered once medical management has failed. Once steroids and antibiotics have been tried, you are indeed moving into more chemotherapy-type medications like methotrexate and anti-tnf factor therapy.

Once the medical therapies have been exhausted, surgery can be considered. I would consider a second GI opinion to ensure that every medical option has been considered. If so, surgery can then be considered.

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