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Full Version: I have had blood and mucus in my stool due to ulcerative colitis
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For about a year now I have had blood and mucus in my stool almost every time I go to the bathroom. Fissures, internal and external hemrroids have all been ruled out. I have absolutely no stomach discomfort or pain with bowel movements, no diarrhea on a regular basis, and no weight loss.

To me, everything is completely normal with the exception of the blood and mucus. I had a colonoscopy done because this was driving me absolutely crazy trying to figure out the problem. The results came back and the surgeon told me the pathologist said the results were consistent with Ulcerative colitis. But, they never said that is what I had. Is their lack of communication safe enough to say that really is what I have? Since my symptoms are so minor is it possible that it could be something different? My colon was in great shape, the slight inflamation (inflammation) was in my rectum. I have heard there is a better outlook for not having a person's colon removed if the disease is in their rectum, is this true and how long (maybe too general of a question) do most people live with this disease with minor symptoms before things start to deteriorate? I have not heard of that many people living with this disease comfortably for more than 10-15 years. Is there occurances of this disease where people live their whole lives with no serious issues and very minor symptoms, if any?

Thank you for your advice.
The biopsies from the colonoscopy would help cement the diagnosis, and if there is question, you should ask for these results.

The prognosis and time course of the disease would vary from patient to patient. However, there are medications that treat mild flareups quite nicely. Yes, there are instances where the symptoms can be controlled medically, and a normal standard of living can be obtained.

Of course, there are more serious cases that may require more intensive therapy.

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