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Full Version: Chuang tzu Story - When they discuss the Tâo, it is not the Tao. (论道而非道也)
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A-ho Kan and Shan Nang studied together under Lao-lung Kî. Shan Nang was leaning forward on his stool, having shut the door and gone to sleep in the day time. At midday A-ho Kan pushed open the door and entered, saying, 'Lao-lung is dead.' Shan Nang leant forward on his stool, laid hold of his staff and rose. Then he laid the staff aside with a clash, laughed and said, 'That Heaven knew how cramped and mean, how arrogant and assuming I was, and therefore he has cast me off, and is dead. Now that there is no Master to correct my heedless words, it is simply for me to die!' Yen Kang, (who had come in) to condole, heard these words, and said, 'It is to him who embodies the Tâo that the superior men everywhere cling. Now you who do not understand so much as the tip of an autumn hair of it, not even the ten-thousandth part of the Tâo, still know how to keep hidden your heedless words about it and die;-- how much more might he who embodied the Tâo do so! We look for it, and there is no form; we hearken for it, and there is no sound. When men try to discuss it, we call them dark indeed. When they discuss the Tâo, they misrepresent it.'

妸荷甘与神农学于老龙吉。神农隐几,阖户昼瞑。囗荷甘日中奓户而入,曰:“老龙死矣!”神农隐几拥杖而起,嚗然放杖而笑,曰: “天知予僻陋谩诞,故弃予而死。已矣,夫子无所发予之狂言而死矣夫!”弇堈吊闻之,曰:“夫体道者,天下之君子所系焉。今于道,秋豪之端万分未得处一焉,而犹知藏其狂言而死,又况夫体道者乎!视之无形,听之无声,于人之论者,谓之冥冥,所以论道而非道也。
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