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Full Version: Chuang Tzu Story - Method of Life Preservation (卫生之经)
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Nan-yung Khû said, 'A certain villager got an illness, and when his neighbours asked about it, he was able to describe the malady, though it was one from which he had not suffered before. When I ask you about the Grand Tâo, it seems to me like drinking medicine which (only serves to) increase my illness. I should like to hear from you about the regular method of life preservation;-- that will be sufficient for me.' Lâo-tsze replied, '(You ask me about) the regular method of guarding the life;-- can you hold the One thing fast in your embrace? Can you keep from losing it? Can you know the lucky and the unlucky without having recourse to the tortoise-shell or the divining stalks? Can you rest (where you ought to rest)? Can you stop (when you have got enough)? Can you give over thinking of other men, and seek what you want in yourself (alone)? Can you flee (from the allurements of desire)? Can you maintain an entire simplicity? Can you become a little child? The child will cry all the day, without its throat becoming hoarse;-- so perfect is the harmony (of its physical constitution). It will keep its fingers closed all the day without relaxing their grasp;-- such is the concentration of its powers. It will keep its eyes fixed all day, without their moving;-- so is it unaffected by what is external to it. It walks it knows not whither; it rests where it is placed, it knows not why; it is calmly indifferent to things, and follows their current. This is the regular method of life preservation.'

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