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Full Version: The Inlaid Harp (锦瑟) - By Li Shang Yin (李商隐)
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The Inlaid Harp

By Li Shangyin

I wonder why my inlaid harp has fifty strings,
Each with its flower-like fret an interval of youth.
...The sage Chuangzi is day-dreaming, bewitched by butterflies,
The spring-heart of Emperor Wang is crying in a cuckoo,
Mermen weep their pearly tears down a moon-green sea,
Blue fields are breathing their jade to the sun....
And a moment that ought to have lasted for ever
Has come and gone before I knew.



锦瑟无端五十弦, 一弦一柱思华年。
庄生晓梦迷蝴蝶, 望帝春心托杜鹃。
沧海月明珠有泪, 蓝田日暖玉生烟。
此情可待成追忆, 只是当时已惘然。

[Image: lishangyin_poem_01.jpg]
I love Li Shangyin's poems.great

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