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Full Version: Chuang Tzu Story - Yellow Emperor Asked Boy About Government of Mankind (黄帝问道童子)
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Hwang-Tî was going to see Tâ-kwei at the hill of Kü-Tshze. Fang Ming was acting as charioteer, and Khang Yü was occupying the third place in the carriage. Kang Zo and Hsî Phang went before the horses; and Khwan Hwun and Kû Khî followed the carriage. When they arrived at the wild of Hsiang-khang, the seven sages were all perplexed, and could find no place at which to ask the way. just then they met with a boy tending some horses, and asked the way of him. 'Do you know,' they said, 'the hill of Kü-tshze?' and he replied that he did. He also said that he knew where Tâ-kwei was living. 'A strange boy is this!' said Hwang-Tî. 'He not only knows the hill of Kü-tshze, but he also knows where Tâ-kwei is living. Let me ask him about the government of mankind.' The boy said, 'The administration of the kingdom is like this (which I am doing);-- what difficulty should there be in it? When I was young, I enjoyed myself roaming over all within the six confines of the world of space, and then I began to suffer from indistinct sight. A wise elder taught me, saying, "Ride in the chariot of the sun, and roam in the wild of Hsiang-Khang." Now the trouble in my eyes is a little better, and I am again enjoying myself roaming outside the six confines of the world of space. As to the government of the kingdom, it is like this (which I am doing);-- what difficulty should there be in it?' Hwang-Tî said, 'The administration of the world is indeed not your business, my son; nevertheless, I beg to ask you about it.' The little lad declined to answer, but on Hwang-Tî putting the question again, he said, 'In what does the governor of the kingdom differ from him who has the tending of horses, and who has only to put away whatever in him would injure the horses?'

Hwang-Tî bowed to him twice with his head to the ground, called him his 'Heavenly Master,' and withdrew.

黄帝将见大隗乎具茨之山,方明为御,昌寓骖乘,张若、谐朋前马,昆阍、滑稽后车。至于襄城之野,七圣皆迷,无所问涂。适遇牧马童子,问涂焉,曰:“若知具茨之山乎?”曰:“然。”“若知大隗之所存乎?”曰:“然。”黄帝曰:“异哉小童!非徒知具茨之山,又知大隗之所存。请问为天下。”小童曰:“ 夫为天下者,亦若此而已矣,又奚事焉!予少而自游于六合之内,予适有瞀病,有长者教予曰:‘若乘日之车而游于襄城之野。’今予病少痊,予又且复游于六合之外。夫为天下亦若此而已。予又奚事焉! ”黄帝曰:“夫为天下者,则诚非吾子之事,虽然,请问为天下。” 小童辞。黄帝又问。小童曰:“夫为天下者,亦奚以异乎牧马者哉!亦去其害马者而已矣!”黄帝再拜稽首,称天师而退。
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