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Full Version: My sister has ALS and is doing your Qigong practice
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As usual, after a certain time without communicating with you, my sister needs a renewed contact which energizes her and enables her to continue with her treatment and exercises.

This time the questions she has are as follows:

1. There are 8 preparatory exercises that precede two types of exercises : without the movement and with the movement. She would like to know if the preparatory exercises need to be performed before both types of exercises.

2. What is the minimum effective amount of time she needs to spend sitting silently and without any movement. ( I have a feeling that she finds this to be very difficult and that she is trying to find a way around this difficulty.)

She is experiencing some improvement in swallowing and general feeling. We would greatly appreciate any comment or insight you may have.

With gratitude and best regards,

Yes, please do the preparatory excise before the either practice. It is used to wake up the body for better practice.

Please make mind to persist in the practice 3 hours to 5 hours every day. Find a quiet place, with no much interruption yet enough psychical support from all relatives, encourage your sisiter to continue. Forget about this or that, regard self as a dead person, to persisit, to fight. Only by such way there is a possibility to walk along the way to fully recovery. The necessary steps for the practice advancement include 1) the body remains motionles 2) the mind remains motionless 3) the thoughts remain motionless.

Here I quote some words from Chuang Tzu for better understandingļ¼š

Tse Chi of Nankuo sat leaning forward on a stool. Gazing upward into heaven, he sighed and seemed to fall into a trance and to get lost of all his body and spirits.

Yen Cheng Tse Yu, who was in attendance and standing before him, said, "How to get along with it? Can the body really be made to become thus like a withered tree? Can the mind really be made to become like burnt-out cinders? The one who is now leaning on the stool is not the one who was formerly leaning on the table."

Doing non-causative action people can rest in peaceful harmony. Those who stay in peaceful harmony can allow no anxieties and troubles find a way in and the years of life can be prolonged

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